Hi I need your opinion.

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Hi I need your opinion.

Beitragvon Zoopoksnump am So 9. Okt 2011, 11:49

I renewed to the up-to-date dixv program and I'm trying out the 15 day test of the Convert divx software and it seems as really well. The best segment can only drag and drop the vob documents after I make use of DVD Shrink to reproduce the documents to my laptop.
I've just been dropping the VOB documents right on my 604 and running them but I would like to be able to place much more videos on so they take up less room. The convert DivX software even offers an selection for portable players so it creates 300-400 MB video files.
Therefore is it a good converter for files to operate on the Archos 604?

Hi I need your opinion.

Beitragvon cimbindidge am Fr 21. Okt 2011, 18:31

Hey I am new here at http://www.forum.chronik-berlin.de. My laptop screen is cracked, and I live in Las Vegas. I am in need of a good place to get this made right. Someone talked about http://www.laptoprepairlasvegas.net. Have you folks ever heard of them? Thanks in advance.
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